There is a decision regarding Robert Lewandowski

There is a decision regarding Robert Lewandowski

Great news for the Polish national team. According to our information, Robert Lewandowski will be able to play in the Poland-Austria match at EURO 2024. Moreover, he will most likely play from the first minute.

In the last test before Euro 2024  against Turkey (2:1), Robert Lewandowski  suffered an injury. The biceps femoris muscle was torn. For this reason, he was unable to play in the opening match against the Dutch, in which the Polish national team lost 1-2.

His performance in Friday’s match against Austria was still uncertain. Our team’s doctors fought to restore the captain of the Polish national team to full strength. Everything indicates that the mission was a success.

The medical staff introduced Lewandowski to the game very carefully. On Tuesday, he trained individually with Paweł Dawidowicz. Our striker was already taking shots.

According to our information, the captain trained with the entire team on Wednesday. He looked very good and the latest news is that he will be eligible to play in the match against Austria. Not only will he be able to play, but everything indicates that he will play from the first minute.

Lewandowski’s good condition may be indicated by the fact that the Polish national team striker has already participated in stretching, which is a big problem considering the biceps femoris injury. The athlete performed all the exercises without a grimace on his face, which only bodes well for the future.

The clash with Austria will be crucial for the further fate of the Polish national team  at the European Championships. A win will bring Michał Probierz’s team much closer to the knockout phase, and a defeat will mean that the Poles will need a victory against the French, which may turn out to be a backbreaking task. And even that may not be enough.

The Poland-Austria match will take place on Friday, June 21 at 18:00. Broadcast on TVP 1, TVP Sport and